I have several problems with some SEO Consultants. I will not name the consultant below, just the sites where I find the problems.

1) This SEO consultant has posted their marketing message on every page of Ponte’s web site. I don’t see how this benefits the client – Ponte?  But even worse, by putting Infinity Art’s link on the bottom of every page of Ponte, it helps improve Infinity Art’s Google rank while hurting Ponte’s Google Rank.  If a consultant ever suggests doing this to your site, ask them to post a link to your site from every one of their pages instead.  You will find that they will ignore your suggestion.
2) This SEO consultant has littered the bottom of everyPonte page with text that does not seem to fit the design of the page for the sake of SEO. See the bottom of any Ponte web page.
3) A real basic problem is caused when a web designer creates a new site using frames.  This is an old fashion design tool that most have given up using but I have seen examples on Briar Rose’s new web site (which they have since fixed). 
4) I have recently discovered that template driven web sites or web sites using a content management engine hurt your ability to optimize for search engines.  You still need to do your best with these platforms but they create difficulties.  Wiens Cellears currently uses a database driven web site which causes this problem.
5) Creating an entire site using FLASH is considered sexy but Google has no way to index it.  Some people thing they do but it is the kiss of death.  You can use Google movies within an HTML page but never to replace an entire page.
6) When you use HTML code to make text invisible for SEO purposes, you risk getting banned by Google. I spotted a potential example of this kind of code on Ponte’s site (see the HTML code attached below). It seems to make text invisible (as I can’t find this text on the home page). I can’t see the CSS code for “keyword-tags dn” so I can only guess what they are doing.

<div><strong>Tags:</strong><br />Temecula Winery, Wine country cuisine, Wine country food, Wine country weddings, Temecula wineries, Temecula valley wine country, Temecula wine, Southern California wine country, Temecula wine club, Temecula events, Temecula restaurant</div>.

About the Author: David Cragg is a retired Internet Professional. He is provides search engine optimization for many Temecula winery web sites like and

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Temecula Children’s Museum

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