California Dreaming

Temecula Balloon FestivalOn your hot air balloon ride, you’ll leisurely float over rolling hills, impeccably planted rows of lush vineyards, and inspect the angular lines of red tile roofs of Country estates and Ranches in magnificent settings. You might even skim through the top branches of a citrus tree – and harvest a fruit in the process – all in the course of an hour – covering anywhere from three to seven miles.

We’ll fly high enough to afford a commanding view of the sprawling and spreading South Coast Winery and Resort, Ponte Estate Winery, Stuart Cellars, Long Shadow Winery, and Mount Palomar Winery, to name a few!

And on your hot air balloon ride, we wont spill a drop of your “Mimosa”, a favorite Balloonist breakfast – the delicious mix of orange juice and excellent local champagne. It is a salute to your quiet, free flight over a rising star in the art and tradition of California wine making – TEMECULA!!! Even the name has a heady ring to it.

California Dreaming Temecula Hot Air BalloonsYour hot air ballooning adventure will begin at La Vindemia, a private vineyard in the middle of Temecula Wine Country – centrally located between San Diego and Los Angeles. A click on Directions will tell you how to get there, arriving shortly before sunrise to a cup of piping hot coffee, cocoa or hot tea.

Your Pilot, armed with years of safely maneuvering our balloon flights amid the winds and a mountain of information to share about your flight and the wine world below you, will gauge the wind direction and speed and pick the perfect launch site. Spacious vans will take you there and the dream realization begins.

You can preview the beauty of our balloons in our Photo Gallery. You’ll be amazed as your aerostat (fancy name for a balloon) blows up from a canvas bag into a vibrantly colorful, teardrop-shaped life form – – with the help of cold air fans and millions of BTUs of heat. The inflation process is an excellent photo opportunity. Bring lots of film or digital disks for your hot air balloon ride adventure! And be sure to snap a shot of the top of the balloon as it inflates. It will end up far above you.

Speaking of photos, Just ask our balloon handlers – expert crew – they are all great photographers and will take your photo if needed, either standing in the balloon as it inflates (weather permitting, of course) and/or standing in the basket. After your flight we’ll go ahead and give you a complimentary “Two for One Wine Tasting Tickets” from Friends of Ours at South Coast Winery & Resort.

You’ll fly so high, and so well on your hot air balloon ride, that you will laugh, along with Mother Nature, and you’ll gently return, as we like to say, into the loving arms of Mother Earth, somewhere in scenic Temecula Valley. We then return to La Vindemia where you will continue the celebration.

One of the many highlights of the Temecula Wine Country Balloon Ride is the delectable breakfast that we host at La Vindemia. After your balloon flight, you’ll enjoy a gourmet pastry breakfast, featuring specialty fruits, Champagne, Mimosas, and juice, tea or coffee, in a private Rose Garden. Surrounded by beautiful flowers in a very unique pristine setting while enjoying breakfast with special friends and/or loved ones is a wonderful way to reflect on your very special ballooning experience. That’s when you’ll try to describe your hot air balloon ride with words, as others have in ourTestimonials.

Happy BDay in Temecula Hot AIr BalloonIf you’re celebrating a special occasion – Birthday, Anniversary or other occasion we will make it memorable! We’ll put a banner on the basket, proclaiming the event, and serve a birthday cake – and maybe even sing – or present a special complimentary bottle of wine to toast an Anniversary or special event. This treat doesn’t cost anything extra.

Check out our terrific rates for this totally unique and unforgettable balloon adventure. And we promise it will be just that! We have, after all, been flying Hot Air Balloons since 1977. Click on Our Company for details.

Got any questions? We’ve got lots of answers – like “Why so early?” or “What should I wear?” or “Can I steer the balloon?”

ust in case your sunrise balloon flight must be cancelled – due to unfavorable weather conditions—you can still experience Temecula aloft in our “Travel Air” Biplane at the same cost and value as the balloon flight! Click on Biplane for more details. After a leisurely breakfast you will see our magically green grape valley from another point of view from our genuine Biplane. No mimosas served on board, but you do get to wear a leather helmet and goggles…and our Rum Run has some special surprises!

*Special Rates* These rates are for a limited time. Call today to schedule your Hot Air Balloon Tour. (800) 373-3359

$138.00 per person (Monday-Friday Shared European Basket)

$158.00 per person (Saturday-Sunday Shared European Basket)

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