Doffo Winery

Address: 36083 Summitville, Temecula CA 92592 Map: click here
Phone: 866/469-8466
Web Site:
Hours: 10am – 5pm daily
Venue: Wine Tasting

Marcelo, Zulma and Damian Doffo invite you to visit the charming home of Doffo Winery. Nestled on the Northeast border of the Temecula Valley the winery was founded in 1997 by Marcelo. It is one of a few micro-boutique wineries in the region and the only one built around the former site of a historic landmark schoolhouse. When selecting the property, Marcelo was drawn to the schoolhouse because it reminded him of his childhood in Argentina where he attended a similar school.

The winery is situated on 15 acres of hand planted vineyards, carefully tended by the Doffo family with techniques handed down from generation to generation. It also consists of wine production facilities and a charismatic tasting room complete with vintage scooters and motorcycles that come from the family’s private collection. Reminiscent of their Italian/Argentine heritage, Doffo is the only winery in the region to feature an outdoor, wood-burning oven and grill where they often serve “The Parilla”, a delicious staple of the Argentine table, served with their own Chimichuri sauce and paired with exceptional Doffo wine. The winery also has a private tasting patio for wine club members and a beautiful terraced mesa overlooking the vineyards and surrounding valley. When you visit you will first be met with the sound of classical music throughout the property. They play this to soothe the plants.

Famous for exquisite, handcrafted reds, Doffo is focused on small lot, limited production wines made in the old world style. It is also home to MotoDoffo, the family’s private collection of over 100 racing and vintage motorcycles. The Doffo’s are proud to share their Argentine and Italian heritage throughout the winery and they hope this translates to your experience.

Visit us once and you are family forever.

Doffo Winery Temecula Wine Tasting RoomOur Philosophy
Our philosophy has always been that good winemaking begins in the vineyard. We start by hand planting each vine and providing careful attention daily. We prune our vines and thin our grape clusters throughout the growing season to maximize fruit concentration and insure the highest quality in our grapes. We also play classical music in the vineyard to soothe the grapes as they develop and mature. With meticulous care and cultivation we produce intense, rich fruit that truly expresses our commitment towards making world class wines.

The quality of the wine really starts with good farming technics such as meticulous handcrafting, crop-thinning and minimal irrigation. We play classical music in the vineyard to soothe the plants. All principles that Marcelo learned in his early years on the Argentinian Pampas. He is passing these techniques down from generation
to generation as he works side by side with his son Damian, production director and assistant winemaker.

At Doffo Winery we are focused on producing small lot, hand crafted wines that represent some of the best varietals in the Temecula Valley. The unique micro-climate of the valley drives the characteristics of our wines and plays a distinct role in shaping the final result. Our experience, family traditions and farming techniques combined with the terroir is reflected in our intensely flavored wines of complex structure, texture and bold, rich fruit.

Doffo Winery Outdoor Tasting Room

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