Google Top 10 by Choosing the Right META Keywords

South Coast Winery Web SIte

South Coast Winery Web SIte

I respect South Coast’s internet marketing. They are #1 in terms of site popularity among the Temecula wineries which speaks for itself. South Coast and Ponte do first class jobs with social networking — the most expensive and time consuming aspect of internet marketing. While it is critical for site traffic generation and attracting Google’s attention, they do not adequately manage their site optimization and the choice of keywords. I believe if they add this to their Internet Marketing mix, they would double their web traffic. Without it, I have watched their web popularity (as tracked with fluctuate up and down and just this past month their Google Rank dropped from “5” to “4”.

Keywords are the most basic building block when it comes to site optimization. Most Temecula Winery web masters pick their keywords based on the name of their business and words that they initially think (from the top of their head rather than doing research) best describe their business. The biggest mistake is that they include all the keywords they think of.

A well optimized Temecula winery web site will only use a handful of keywords per page based on 1) an exhaustive search for the keywords that are most targeted for their business (in other words local keywords for local businesses) and 2) those targeted keywords that get the most searches on Google. Lastly, you should pick unique keywords for each page of your site based on the content of the page. The home page always gets the most important keywords.

You must start by identifying keywords that get the most Google searches possible.  This list needs to be exhaustive.  Google gives you a tool called the “Google keyword tool” to identify good keywords.   This tool will take your initial list of keywords and give you a much bigger list (with synonyms) showing you how many Google searches are done for each keyword every month.  Whenever you identify a good general keyword with a lot of monthly Google searches, also look up the local version.  For example, if you like the keyword “winery” also look up “Temecula Winery” to see if that keyword is frequently used on Google.  If the local version has over 500 searches a month, include it in your initial keyword list.

Why are local keyword important?  If you choose general words like “winery”, you are competing with the wineries of the entire USA for a Google Top 10 spot.  If you optimize for the keyword “Temecula winery” you are competing with a manageable number of wineries for a Google top 10 spot.  Being #10 for a keyword that has 2,000 searches a month will generate far more traffic than being #11 for a keyword that has 100,000 searches a month as people only look at the first page of Google results.  The top 10 are the only spots that count.

One more consideration.  You must limit the number of keywords you use in your META Keyword list.  Google is looking to see EVERY keyword in this list used in the body of that page.  If you don’t use one in the body, Google will ding your rank.  You SHOULD also optimize each keyword on the page it is located.   This is why I always recommend that web masters use at most four keywords for each page of their site.  If they can optimize four on a page, they are doing a good job.

Let’s just focus on the META Keywords for South Coast’s home page.

<meta keywords=”Best Winery of the year, Best Winery in California, Temecula winery, southern california wine country, temecula hotel, spa getaway, wine tours, wine tasting, Temecula, wine country, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, resort, winery, villa, vineyards, GrapeSeed” />

As can be expected, they are using too many keywords, they are not targeted, they have selected keywords that they can never hope to rank in Google’s top 10, and some keywords get almost no searches on Google (and so are worthless). Let’s look at each of them.

Google Searches Google
Keywords Per Month Position
Best Winery of the year 0 1
Temecula winery 22,200 4
temecula hotel 60,500 8
Best Winery in California 58 16
GrapeSeed 60,500 41
southern california wine country 720 44
Temecula 1,830,000 88
spa getaway 27,100 Not in top 100
wine tours 135,000 Not in top 100
wine country 301,000 Not in top 100
wine tasting 368,000 Not in top 100
vineyards 823,000 Not in top 100
winery 2,740,000 Not in top 100
Orange County 6,120,000 Not in top 100
villa 20,400,000 Not in top 100
Los Angeles 37,200,000 Not in top 100
San Diego 37,200,000 Not in top 100
resort 45,500,000 Not in top 100

Google Searches per Month: The number of times that people do a search using that keyword.
Google Position: where Google has positioned South Coast Winery when you do a search for that particular keyword.

As is obvious from this chart, South Coast needs to rethink their choice of keywords. The keywords where they have Google top 10 ranks are those that are most closely targeted or that get so few searches that no one else is interested in them. They need to include keywords that are targeted and get large number of monthly Google searches like “Temecula Hotels” and “Temecula Winery”.

To summarize, take your time and find a few targeted keywords for each major page of your web site using the most important keywords on the home page. I hope this posting is a helpful tool to improve your web site’s Google rank. If you need help selecting keywords or site optimization, please call Dave at (951) 303-3969.

About the Author: David Cragg is a retired SEO Internet Professional. He is the Temecula SEO consultant for many Temecula winery web sites like and He is ready to help any Small Temecula business for a bottle of wine or other small negotiated fee.

For Wineries or Temecula businesses to get a FREE analysis of your home page search engine optimization, please complete this form.  It will take a day for me to complete the analysis so please be patient.  I welcome your posts to our blog and your questions.

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