Masía de Yabar

Masía de Yabar is a young winery in Temecula. The owner has gained exclusive wine experience in the beautiful wine fields of Argentina. Originally from Perú with ancestors from Spain, it is no wonder the wine making is in the blood. It has been a life long dream to open a winery in picturesque Temecula Wine Country.

Masía de Yabar meaning

“La Masía,” roughly translated, means: Manor House. But it is more than just a house in the country. Masía’s began to spring up in the Catalan region of Spain at the end of the 16th Century with the demise of the feudal system. They were often built of stone and later in the New World of Adobe.

In a sense, they were self contained economic centers which included living quarters for the extended families, shelter for farm animals, as well as black smith facilities to manufacture items needed for the ranch.

In modern times The Masía connotes the good life where everyone is welcome!

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